Posted by: robertim | April 22, 2011

Must Read! Lose 43 lbs by Memorial Day! (Insert Sarcasm)

Yesterday, I was in the grocery store with Young Smash, picking up rutabagas and we saw this amazing women’s magazine. It said, “Lose 43 pounds by Memorial Day!” In my head, I immediately thought, “Yes! if women can lose that much in, well, 5 weeks, surely I can smash my last 10 lbs in a week! I am gonna win so hard!” Okay, so, I was of course skeptical, as I am of everything I read until I try it myself, or see convincing evidence. Well, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and three things you had to do to drop massive amounts of weight in a short amount of time:

1) Protein powders as Meal Replacements: Apparently the NIH is cosigning on this… still trying to find the study and will write a scathing review when I do

2) Support groups or spiritual support: The more people who support you in your effort, or the more you believe in yourself (or a higher power?) the more weight you lose. Well, I do believe God is on my side.

3) The sun! Vitamin D is good for health! Get out there and move!

The Bastion of Health Information!

Now, note, I skimmed the article, so maybe this is an unfair assessment, but I had three reactions to this. 1. Duh, but, honestly, more goes into it than just those three things. Still for most people, switching to a higher protein diet, and cutting out crap would be just what the doctor (well, maybe not doctor) ordered. 2. It sure does take science years to catch up to things weight lifters have known for decades if not centuries. Now I understand, when doing science, you need long studies, you need to understand mechanisms of action, etc. But there is something to be said about using your body as your lab bench. Science should not hold you back from experimenting with things that can make you healthier. Their is tons of anecdotal evidence out there: Thousands of people who have changed their lives doing these things and more. 3. Wow, if you were an NIH researcher in this field, all you would have to do is read T-Nation or elitefts everyday to come up with new ideas for your next studies. Lucky!

I did have one after thought, though. Could it be that these are the first signs of a populace turning away from the slippery slope of obesity and inflammation related death? In the last few years, we have seen more health studies about protein powder and meal replacements, exercising, an increase in gym memberships, and hell, we even have pharmaceutical grade fish oil nowadays. More and more magazines are disseminating helpful information instead of ridiculous “Eat nothing but X for 2 weeks” diets. Many of the studies and methodologies (and the pharma fish oil) are flawed, but nothing is ever perfect and it is a step in the right direction. Viva La Revolucion!

Now, some of you read that first line, and are wondering, did you just say you were shopping for rutabagas? Hahahha, yes, Young Smash and I were! the reason can be found here if your interested! Rutabaga french fries are on deck, and the first experimental bunch came out interestingly. I’d say if you like the taste of sweet potatoe fries, but want a less starchy, more fibrous vegetable to use, give these a try. It is literally so easy, anyone could do this… That being said, I burned my first batch. More on these in a later post!



  1. Try Butternut Squash…much better than Rutabagas and closer to Sweet Potato Fries Season with Sea Salt, McCormicks Garlic and Parsley and pepper, spray with Pam or Olive Oil sprays and bake at 400 degrees till crip…Delicious! Much less starch

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